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Wild Kansas Quail Hunting At Its Finest


The focus of our hunts is to make sure our clients have fun! What could be more fun than matching wits with wild coveys of “Gentleman Bob” rocketing out of grain fields into the vast expanse of the nation’s largest native grass prairie?

Wild quail covey rises are guaranteed to quicken your pulse and challenge your shooting skills, regardless of your age or experience. All hunts are conducted on foot and the terrain or duration of each walk can be tailored to your physical abilities.

We welcome you to bring trained dogs if you wish, but our hardened veterans will be glad to show you the way and do it with style.Although Kansas has a reputation for being flat land, the Flint Hills region offers diversity of terrain interspersed with old homesteads from the pioneer days. You can forget about dog boots for stickers, and cactus because our leases are located in areas free of these nasty pests. You can also leave your snake boots and chaps at home because Kansas has few poisonous snakes and in 13 years we have never seen one during the hunting season.

We are blessed with sumptuous valleys of Milo, corn, and soybeans, which are surrounded by the beautiful grassy Flint Hills that our area is known for. The combination of available food sources, grasslands, and timbered creeks makes this area a paradise for quail and heaven for our hunters.Your wingshooting pleasure is almost guaranteed by the expanse of properties leased and operated by Flint Hills Hunts. Over thirty thousand acres of prime hunting properties are carefully managed to maintain top quail habitat and production.

To ensure viable bird populations each year, these hunting properties are scattered over five counties in the state of Kansas. Because Flint Hills Hunts believes in quality wild quail hunting, the quail population is entirely native and without supplementation. Hunters must be ready for the challenge as these birds bear little resemblance to their pen raised cousins.Our birds are guaranteed to teach you how to dance and spin like you’ve never done before!

This is not a shooting preserve, so if killing a limit of birds is your only measure of a good hunt, then you need to look elsewhere. Wild quail hunting is a challenge and we think the hunting experience is more enjoyable than the kill. Most of our clients will take their limit, but we prefer to think that the excellent dog work, unmatched surroundings, fellowship and challenging wingshooting are the true cornerstones of wild quail hunting.

All hunts require a minimum party of two hunters. Large parties will be broken into groups of three or less for shooting safety.
Bag Limit – 8 birds per man/day

Flint Hills Quail Hunt — Two Days — Includes noon meals and beverages during the hunt.